The Firm

The firm of Dar Al Khaleej Engineering Consultancy (DKEC) is a Kuwait-based consultancy established in 1975, offering professional services in architecture, engineering and planning.


The firm carried out a wide range of projects in Kuwait and elsewhere in the Middle East. By 1977, the firm has extended its abroad interest to Egypt and establishes an office to carry out a number of multi-story Residential building projects. Subsequently a branch office was established in Sharjah, U.A.E. in 1982 for carrying out a range of multi-story Commercial and Residential buildings especially for the Kuwaiti Investors.
During the intervening years, the firm has grown in size and established an outstanding record in design and supervising numerous projects in Kuwait and abroad, and has designed an extensive number of Governmental, Private, Commercial, Residential, sporting, Industrial, Multi-story buildings and Hospitals.


The basic aim of DKEC is to provide a totally integrated planning, building design and project management service to its many public and private clients. To achieve this aim, the multi-national staff includes specialists in planning and urban design, architecture and interior design, civil and structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, quantity surveying, land surveying, construction management, graphic design and related computer support. The firm recognizes that these special skills are necessary to satisfy the needs of many clients whose requirements are becoming more sophisticated at a time of rapid technological advances.


Moreover, DKEC has created a subsidiary design firm ESG (Engineering Support Group In 2009, the firm specializes on Electromechanical and Infrastructure design. Additionally, DKEC has closely associated with other international consultants, and we are currently partnering with POPULOUS, a global design practice with over three decades and more than 2,000 projects worldwide, specializing in creating environments that draw people and communities together, as well as specializing in the design of sports facilities, convention centers, airports, and planning of major special events, and is considered the best in it’s field of practice. Additionally, DKEC are also partnering and representing M/s David Dexter Associates, a specialized structural engineering firm based in the UK and has a extensive international experience and worked on landmark projects globally.