Hold Kick-Off Meeting
DKEC will hold a kick-off meeting, managed by an approved project manager experienced in project management and practices, ensuring your project is executed to the project plan.
Develop Project Plan
DKEC will develop and distribute a project plan, incorporating the team schedule, risk management plan, communication plan, change management plan, project schedule, and solution configuration report.
The DKEC project manager will confirm and document your expected roles and responsibilities, along with those of DKEC, and any other parties involved.
Risk Management Plan
DKEC will identify potential risks to the project, and create a project specific risk management plan that identifies potential risks and moderate them.
Communication Plan
DKEC project manager will work with your team to develop a communication plan identifying who should be contacted on the team.
Document Change Management Plan
DKEC will document and approve changes anytime there is a required change to the baseline schedule or plan.
Create and Integrate Project Schedule
The DKEC project manager will coordinate with project stakeholders to gain commitment to create a timeline that meets your needs.
Point of Contact
DKEC will provide a project manager to act as your trusted advisor, who will facilitate communication and be your main point of contact for all phases of the project.
Execute Project Plan
The DKEC project manager will monitor the scheduling and execution of works and services, according to the approved project plan.
Manage Issues, Changes, and Risks
The DKEC project manager will manage the response to any unexpected events or requested changes specific to this service.
Schedule On-site Resource Management
The DKEC project manager will schedule on-site visits to manage resources and facilitate communication upon request.
Facilitate Team Meetings and Distribute Minutes
The DKEC project manager will host meetings with project team members to review status, and to address issues and changes.
Report Project Status
The DKEC project manager will provide project status reports as requested to keep you fully informed on the project progress, issues and changes.
Review Project Items for Completion
The DKEC project manager will review project deliverables for completeness.
Conduct Project Close
The APC project manager will meet with the client to review the implementation project results and ensure that your expectations were met.